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Debt Consolidation as a Great Way to Eliminate Student Loan Debt

    1. Student debt consolidation as another option to get out of debt
    2. Benefits of student debt consolidation

In our time, getting quality education is crucial. Quality education would most likely put in a better competitive position comparing to the rest of young people in the market. Yet, in our society most of good things come at a price including education. According to research, education is considered one of the first most important investments of many people, who fund education via arrangement of student loans such as college or university debt.


In 2007/2008 many young borrowers were strongly affected by the consequences of financial economic crisis which deteriorated their ability to repay student loans and fail on their monthly interest payments. Many borrowers got stuck with a chunk of large debt and frustration about how to repay it.


The questions that are answered in this brief article are how to get out of college debt and whether student debt consolidation loans are a good solution for college debt repayment. Let’s first analyse college debt. It represents a form of a loan with more advantageous terms than average personal loans that accommodate students who do not have solid financial standing at a time when they undertake their degree.


Over time the financial standing of student borrowers increases. It happens when students assumingly enter professional world. The monthly interest payments get activated and students are obliged to start repaying their college debt in full. Conversely, when the market is in the phase of financial crisis, many student are faced with the problem of being unable to secure a job and consequently are unable to repay high interest rates on the college loan after the graduation.


Student debt consolidation loans offer students comfortable solution for one-off repayment of their college debt which has accumulated over the years of study. National Centre for Education Statistics has conducted a research which states that almost 2/3 of students are faced with the problems of accumulated college debt at the end of their studies.


 Eliminate Student Loan Debt

Graph 1: Benefits of Student Debt Consolidation



Over the last years, many financial providers in United States recognised this problem and came up with alternative debt settlement solution for graduates. Many debt providers are now offering to consolidate student loans debt. It is especially topical for those students who have several student loans. New consolidated loan would extend your loan maturity up to 30 years and would provide you with lower interest rate than your highest interest rate paid on one of the college loans so far. It means that if you have several loans, the weighted average interest of the existed loans would be taken and rounded.


Currently, there are many student debt consolidation loans available in United States. So make your homework carefully and research all option available to you. There are many valuation tools available online, which would help you to assess different student debt consolidation loans on offer and take you step by step how to get out of college debt promptly.


For instance, loan consolidation calculator would allow you to compare your current financial exposure on different loans with the potential one consolidated debt, so that you can analyse and make conclusion based on your specific situation.


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